Saturday, July 23, 2005

Imbecilic Editors

Recently I submitted a letter to the editor at my local school newspaper and opted not to print my email address. The letter was posted online with my email address, which I chose not to add by clicking a button that said, "don't include email address."

So I wrote an email to the "online editor" asking him to "please fix it". He emailed me back saying and I quote, "If you DON'T want to send[stand?] behind what you wrote you most[sic] NOT really believe it. So I am pulling your post."

This is absolutely ridiculous. How can he logically deduce that I don't "believe" what I wrote because I chose not reveal my email address. Here are a few reasons why I chose not to:

1. If someone wanted to respond, they could do so through the webpage
2. I have a right to privacy
3. There is an explicit option to decide whether or not you want to reveal your email (why have that option?)

So I wrote him back and gave him my two cents. I have both freedom of the press and the right to privacy. Next thing you know they will be asking for your fucking social security number. Ok, here is mine, GO FUCK YOURSELF.


Blogger Jim V said...

Regarding the option to withhold your email address, you are right. It makes no sense to provide the option and then hammer you for using it. Seems like they are simply baiting people into a confrontative situation.

Regarding your freedom of speech comment, remeber that freedom of speech prevents the government from restricting your speech. It is not a guarantee that you will be given access to express yourself through a private publishing source. Your argument would hold a little more water if you are attending a state school. Is that the case?

Freedom of speech means you can say whatever you like. But when it comes to finding a medium in which people will listen, you are on your own. No one bears the responsibility for facilitating the publication of your speech except you.

Of course, I've probably over-thought this. I'm getting ready for another semester of constitutional law and just happened to have the first amendment on the brain.

Suggestion: Start your own newspaper. I did it when I attending Berkeley High School (yes, a conservative from Berkeley) because the official school paper was drastically censored by the school administration. Based on your blog, yours would likely be better anyway.

7:05 AM  
Blogger David Yaffe said...

I failed to mention earlier that my good friend writes for the paper and he and their editor in chief vouched for me. Sure enough, the "online-editor" reposted my comments (without my email)and gave up his responsibility for moderating the online feedback. Now that my frinds is JUSTICE.

10:51 AM  

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